To view the Live Stock Level of an Item at any or all of your locations you can select the relevant product from the lookup results list and click ‘Stock Level & Enquiry’.

When you do so you will see a screen that looks as follows :

a) Stock Levels

Alongside the ‘Free Stock’ level at all of your store locations you can see :

– Base Stock – the ‘True’ Level of Stock for an item, ignoring Items on Transfer, Reservations etc.
– IBT To Here – the number of items (qty) currently on IBT or Stock Transfer to the given location.
– Returned to Supplier – the number of items (qty) which are currently in your Goods Out Process – not reconciled or credited etc.
– Reserved – the number of items (qty) which have been Manually Reserved or Reserved via your Web Site.
– On Order – the number of items (qty) which are currently On Order from your Supplier(s)
– Stock Level Min – the Minimum Stock Level you have assigned to the item.

** You can also check Live Stock Levels by logging into the SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management Pages. By clicking the links at the top of this page you can also view :

b) Ownership for that item, i.e. customers that have purchased that product

c) Received – any receipts of selected product into your warehouse

d) Goods Returned – any returns of selected product to your Supplier

e) Extra Detail – displays the Extended Description which can be used for Tasting Notes, Instructions etc.